Ocean run team

Our vision is an ocean free from plastic waste and pollution.


The team

Ocean Run exist thanks to an awesome all-female team that was brought together on the basis of activism for the environment. It all started in 2018 with a school project in Event Management Class. The first Ocean Run event was an immediate success which gave us confidence to continue on this path. Now Ocean run is a non-for-profit organization that is managed by founding team united in fighting for a good cause.

Our short-term mission

The short-term mission is to bring awareness to the immense plastic pollution that is affecting our oceans worldwide. We want to change the consumers mindset and enlighten them on what they can do themselves in order to reduce their plastic consumption.

Our long-term mission

Our long-term mission is to make Ocean Run an annual and a global event to continue to bring awareness to plastic pollution and raising money for organisations that make a difference to the oceans.